2022 CBS Board officer nominations


We would be grateful if you could kindly communicate the opportunity for nomination to those within your professional, clinical and academic networks. We would also greatly appreciate it if you could identify any possible, specific candidates within your networks who might be well-suited to contribute to CBS-SCB in one or more of these Board Officer positions. If so, could you please consider extending a personal invitation to that person(s) to stand for election in June 2022. If you would rather that a member of the Board Officer Nominations Committee extend the invitation to an identified, possible candidate(s), please inform the chair of the Committee, Bashir Jiwani, of your preference in this regard.

More information about these Board Officer roles, including the relevant nomination form, can be found at: www.bioethics.ca.

Thank you for considering providing this assistance to the Committee. The recruitment, nomination and election of Board Officers is of high importance to the effective governance of CBS-SCB. It ensures that CBS-SCB can continue to fulfill its core mandate of advancing bioethics research, policy and practice in Canada.