Facilitated Conversation: A Useful Tool in an Ethicist’s Toolbox

  • Natalie Karine Hardy Department of Philosophy, Augustana College, Rock Island, Illinois
  • Nico Nortje Critical Care & Respiratory Care, University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, Texas
Keywords: Sotos syndrome, cancer, leukemia, capacity, facilitated conversation


Soto’s syndrome is a rare form of genetic disorder, which is often non-life threatening. However, this case study will examine the case of a young lady with Soto’s syndrome who developed a pediatric cancer. The team and family had opposing goals of care. Ethical dilemmas in surrogate decision-making for mentally challenged individuals can often be resolved through facilitated conversation between the patient’s family and healthcare team.

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Hardy NK, Nortje N. Facilitated Conversation: A Useful Tool in an Ethicist’s Toolbox. Can. J. Bioeth. [Internet]. 2020Jul.20 [cited 2020Oct.24];3(1):175-7. Available from: https://cjb-rcb.ca/index.php/cjb-rcb/article/view/235
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