La contribution de l'approche par la capabilités d'Amartya Sen à la pratique professionnelle en santé mentale : une analyse éthique

Keywords: capabilities, mental health, recovery, Amartya Sen, bioethics, good life


This study aims to show the contribution of Amartya Sen’s capabilities approach to professional mental health practice. To do so, the text first clarifies the transformation that has occured in the mental health field over the last 50 years. The “recovery”, with its emphasis on the empowerment of the user, testifies to this renewal. In a second part, the capabilities approach of Amartya Sen is presented. If its aim is to strengthen the power of individuals to choose the life they aspire to lead, there is then the problem of people who are deprived of the freedom to choose. Here then is the issue of justice that is inseparable from freedom. The third part of the study addresses the contribution of Sen’s thinking to professional practice in mental health. What more does it offer than what recovery already brings with the valorisation of the autonomy of the subject? Here is discussed its anthropological foundation, as well as the implications for the practice of caregivers. Thus, in conclusion, the reader can see that Sen’s approach modifies the classical bioethics perspective in force since the 1980s.

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Doucet H. La contribution de l’approche par la capabilités d’Amartya Sen à la pratique professionnelle en santé mentale : une analyse éthique. Can. J. Bioeth. 2020;3:93-101.