Movie Chronicle 3: You'll Remember Me - When the Self-narrative Falters

Keywords: memory, cinema, illness, narrative identity, persona, caregivers, story, narrative
Language(s): French


Édouard loses his memory. The thread of his life’s story dissolves, leaving him confused and lonely, and gradually cut off from a world in which, as we soon realize, he was accustomed to taking centre stage. An intellectual who is regularly invited to speak in the public arena, Édouard, the historian emeritus, is confronted with an illness that, ironically, affects his memory. He who, all his life, has reflected on his society by linking it to his past, gradually loses the ability to place his own life on the thread of a continuous narrative. How do those closest to him cope with the disappearance of a part of Edouard’s identity? Is illness simply the opposite of health for him, or is it also fertile ground for a transformation that would, paradoxically, make him more alive, in the philosopher’s sense of the phrase “alive until dead”? What’s left of us when the story we tell ourselves escapes us? Analysis of François Archambault’s 2022 film: Tu te souviendras de moi.

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